LinkedIn Headline How To Grab Attention in 120 Characters

LinkedIn is a pool of professional users fighting for attention with eye-catching job titles and visually appealing cover photos. However, most people miss the important part of any profile: The LinkedIn headline.

A glance at your profile usually means scanning the page and reading just the little tag line placed below your name. Others simply plug in their job title and current company, but there are better ways to use the short description box to your advantage.

When you first set up your profile, LinkedIn will create your default headline with your title and company name. Some users don’t know that you can edit this and make it your own – something that can definitely boost your profile views and connection requests.

Why pay attention to your LinkedIn Headline?

Unlike other descriptions on your profile, the LinkedIn headline appears wherever your name does – in search results, comments, even in connection suggestions. It introduces you immediately to users who may come across your profile.

Particularly, the 120-character line will show up on:

  1. LinkedIn search results
  2. Invitations to connect
  3. Connection suggestions
  4. Posts
  5. LinkedIn messages
  6. Group discussions
  7. Articles
  8. Recommendations
  9. Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  10. People You May Know

A description that shows up wherever your name does can communicate your professional value in seconds. It builds other users’ first impression of you and convinces them that your profile is worth the visit.

Putting your profile out there

Your LinkedIn headline can get you on the first page of search results if you optimize it well. When someone uses keywords to scout for users,keyword-optimized profiles rank up in the results. To boost your page visibility, inject in relevant keywords that others may use to look for someone with your title and skill set.

What makes a good headline?

Simply put, a good headline is one that can express who you are in the shortest, clearest way possible. This should include what you do and how others benefit from your work, alongside a couple of keywords to help you grab attention.