How To Craft An Amazing LinkedIn Cover Photo

Are you looking for a fast, simple, and effective way to spruce up your LinkedIn profile? The answer is quite literally at the top of your profile page – the LinkedIn cover photo.

If you want to steer away from the default cover photo, choose an image that will transform your page for the better. Here’s how to make it happen.

Why Use A Custom LinkedIn Cover Photo?

Before changing your LinkedIn cover photo, it’s only natural to wonder if it’s worth the extra effort.. The short answer is ‘yes’, but you’ll probably want a little more detail than that.

There are three main benefits that come from updating your LinkedIn cover photo, namely:

Stand out from the crowd

If you have 1,000 people in your LinkedIn network, it is statistically proven that fewer than 100 will have a custom cover photo. So by adding a new, personalized cover photo, your profile will instantly stand out from the crowd. It would be foolish to ignore such an important aspect of your profile, given that grabbing a user’s attention is the first hurdle to clear.

Make a faster impact

The human brain processes images far quicker than text. In fact, the mental processing speeds are over 50,000 faster. Research shows that humans only have seven seconds to make an impact. If a visual cover photo helps you spread your personal brand faster, you should grab the opportunity with both hands.

Become more memorable

In addition to getting noticed, a custom cover photo will help your visitors remember your profile. Humans remember a far greater percentage of visual content than text. This, combined with the reduced level of competition, means your profile stays in their minds.

Given that it takes only a few minutes to make the upgrade, this is probably one of the smartest social media profile changes you’ll ever make. No better time than now!

The Basics Of A Good LinkedIn Cover Photo

A new LinkedIn cover photo will only deliver the above benefits if you add the right elements. For it to become a true success, it must satisfy the following features:

Dimensions and sizing

LinkedIn accepts PNG, JPG, and GIF files up to 4MB. For the very best results, adopt an aspect ratio of 129:8. The recommended size is 1,584 x 396 pixels, but you can change this if it stays true to the ratio. The right size ensures that your LinkedIn profile looks perfect across all devices and browsers. This is vital in today’s digital climate.

Brand image

Whether it’s for a company or personal LinkedIn profile, it’s important to choose a photo or image that spreads a positive and relevant message. Leave the photo of boozing in Ibiza with your pals for Facebook. While there’s nothing wrong with showing your personality, it’s best to keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional platform.

Invitation to connect

LinkedIn is a platform that is all about interaction. So, your cover image should additionally seek to create a friendly vibe that encourages users to reach out and contact you. After all, a good impression counts for very little if it isn’t followed up in the correct manner. Some correspondences will lead to dead ends, but others will produce positive results.

Now that you know what to look for in a cover photo, it’s time to think about revamping your LinkedIn profile in style.

10 LinkedIn Cover Ideas & Examples That Work

No two people are the same. Similarly, there is an endless list of potential messages that you may wish to convey through your LinkedIn cover photo. Whatever that message might be, has plenty of downloadable cover photos for your profile. Here are 10 examples that can spruce up your page in minutes.

1. Inspirational Quote

Visuals are more memorable than text, but quotes imposed on top of a contrasting background can create a lasting impact. We’ve all seen images like this across other social media channels. When the quote resonates with us, there’s no doubt that it can stay fresh in our mind for several years.

The quote should relate to business and your industry, even if it’s a very loose link. For the image to stand out, it should contrast the background colours of LinkedIn.

Example: The Seth Godin

Seth Godin

The Seth Godin quote is particularly ideal for anyone that works in any role that focuses on problem solving and innovation. Similarly, mentors can use this quote to great effect.

Find It Here

2. Multicoloured Abstract

Abstract images and artwork don’t always have to be random. It can be very emotive, especially when you appreciate the impact of colour on a person’s mood. Whether it’s bold colours for an exciting energy or one that’s associated with calmness and trust – the choice is completely up to you. Either way, imagery that grabs the attention and sets a tone can be hugely effective.

The type of abstract image can actually say a lot about your work too. For example, paint splatters are ideal for an artist.

Example: Abstract Book

Abstract Book

The calming tones of the light colours and the blank pages set a great impression. Meanwhile, the blank yet open book suggests that you’re ready to start writing the next chapter of your career. Recruiters will respond in a positive manner.

Find It Here

3. Product Images

If your LinkedIn page is for the business, the cover photo could be of your products. In the clothing industry, for example, this could be an image that shows apparel on the rack or worn (ideally in an interesting setting).

Product images are great LinkedIn cover photos because they:

  1. Can actively promote the brand and generate traffic from consumers and B2B clients
  2. Show that your business is active and already performing in a professional way; and
  3. Give a clear insight into the products and demographics that you target.

People on LinkedIn are ready to reach out. Seeing products right off the brings you closer to visitors and connection requests.

Example: Chocolate Shortcake

Chocolate Shortcake

If you run a cake shop or food establishment, enticing images of your food can spark excitement in the user – which can translate to new interactions.

Find It Here

4. Work Equipment Insights

LinkedIn is a professional space where you want to highlight your unique skill set. While content relating to experience and education will do this well, your cover photo can do it even better.

The new cover photo can showcase your professionalism, organizational skills, and eagerness to get started on the next project. Furthermore, it’s a good way for freelancers boasting expensive equipment to show clients and recruiters what they are getting for their money.

Example: Creator Tools

Creator Tools

The Creator Tools cover photo is ideal for photographers, graphic designers, and individuals in related fields. It’s crisp and clean, which suggests your work will be the same. Perfect.

Find It Here

5. Celebrating Extracurricular Activities

As already mentioned, this isn’t Facebook. A LinkedIn cover photo showing you enjoying life to the max in a way that could be considered unprofessional is unwise. However, that doesn’t mean your profile should be void of character.

Recruiters and businesses want to work with people that they can connect to on a human level. Therefore, the following types of imagery from your personal lifestyle can be deemed valuable;

  1. Photos from a recent charity event or volunteering event,
  2. Images from completing marathons, triathlons, and similar events,
  3. Photos from trips to historical or culturally significant landmarks.

They can strike up an instant topic of conversation, especially if you have shared experiences or interests. Just be careful that the image will show your personality in a positive way.

Example: Sorry, you’re on your own for this one!

6. Celebrating Your City

A photo that depicts your city in an engaging and interesting manner is a simple idea, but it works. It stands out from the crowded stream of default cover photos. Crucially, it can evoke several subconscious responses, including;

  1. Your location, which is vital if the working relationship isn’t restricted to the online world.
  2. That you consider yourself to be a professional and will pay attention to detail.
  3. You are a positive person that loves the city and looks for the best in new opportunities.

To achieve all of this without actually telling anything about yourself is a very powerful tool indeed.

Example: New York Way

New York Way

Obviously, it only works if you work (or enjoy business interactions with clients) in New York. If you live elsewhere, try to replicate the intrigue created by shooting from a unique angle.

Find It Here

7. The At Work Design

If your profile picture has you included, it might be advised to avoid using a cover photo that does the same. However, your LinkedIn cover can still show what you do at work. When a recruiter needs that position filled, they’ll inevitably read your entire profile.

Even a seemingly mundane image can be relatively engaging. After all, you’re not trying to sell a product directly to a consumer. Business owners and recruiters are excited by images that show you’re the right person for the job. Embrace it.

Example: Coding Website Layout

Coding Website Layout

If you work in advanced computing fields such as networking, web building, or security, the coding website layout is ideal. Most people will understand what the image is about, but won’t understand the code itself. This is the perfect way to show that you have a skill they need.

Find It Here

8. Celebrating The Workplace Building

LinkedIn isn’t only a place for finding new jobs; it’s also a place to build winning connections. If you work for a major company, celebrate with a stock image of the company building. After all, professionals want to connect with successful people. Your association with the major firm is ideal.

It doesn’t have to be the building that you work in either. Using a shot of the company’s most impressive workspaces will make a bigger impact than your home office, for example. Perception counts for everything when making new connections.

Example: Dell HQ

Find It Here

If you work for Dell, directly or indirectly, the image below is perfect. Everyone working in related sectors will recognize the company and will be immensely impressed. This intrigue can quickly lead to new opportunities.

Find It Here

9. Professional Invitation

LinkedIn is a great place to facilitate conversations. A LinkedIn cover photo that depicts a welcoming yet professional setting is ideal. Good examples include:

  1. An image of you smiling or offering a virtual handshake.
  2. Any quote or direction that actively encourages them to start a conversation.
  3. A photo of you giving a speech.
  4. An image of a business card or similar feature.

Example: Prepare For Negotiations

Preparation For Negotiations

A simple image of a man drinking coffee while dressed in a suit has more impact than you think. It shows that you’re in ‘work mode’ and are available to talk.

Find It Here

10. Customized Image

Finally, if you want to take your image to the next level, why not combine two of the ideas with a fully customized image. Not only will this make your profile unique, but it can also send the message that you’re serious about your career. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to express multiple concepts in one cover photo.

For example: You could use a background image (product or workspace are both good ideas) before layering customer quotes, award logos, and other items on top. If you want to get super creative, you can combine this with your profile picture so that it makes one consistent image.

However, don’t forget that LinkedIn layouts on mobile and browser are slightly different.

There are plenty of computer programs to make your template using the dimensions mentioned above. The only limitations are your imagination.

Example: Check out your favourite LinkedIn pages for inspiration before sprinkling some creative magic.

Don’t know how to add LinkedIn cover photo?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for anyone that has problem with adding new profile cover.